- Customer Support (Brazil) 55 (61) 3443 8496-English attendant-9:00 to 12:00 AM-Portuguese 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM - Title: Bikinis,  Swimwear, Swimsuits, Brazilian Bikinis by Bikinis Brazil   -   Description web:      Bikinis, swimwear, swimsuits,  brazilian bikinis by  Bikinis Brazil,  brazilian bikinis and swimwear,  swimsuits   worldwide delivery,  design your own swimsuits.  Really original bikinis from Brazil. Duplicate bikinis and swimsuits service.   bikinis,  bikinis from Brazil,  swimsuits from brazil,  swimwear from brazil,  brazilian swimsuits,  brazilian bikinis, designer bathing suits, swimsuits service. Buy brazilian bikinis with Bikinis Brazil: Bikinis made by hand, of exclusive superior fabrics such as Dupont Lycra, swimsuits worldwide delivery!!! Buy bikinis with Bikinis Brazil: original brazilian swimsuits!!! © Bikinis Brazil - 2007

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Title:  Bikinis, Swimwear, Swimsuits, Brazilian Bikinis by Bikinis Brazil   -   Description: Bikinis, swimwear, swimsuits, brazilian bikinis by  Bikinis Brazil, brazilian 
bikinis and swimwear, swimsuits worldwide delivery, design your own swimsuits.  Really original bikinis from brazil. Service: duplicate your bikinis and swimsuits.
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Buy brazilian bikinis with Bikinis Brazil: exclusive swimsuits worldwide delivery! Buy bikinis with Bikinis Brazil: original brazilian swimsuits! © Bikinis Brazil -2007
Bikinis and Swimsuits Collection. Custom made Bikinis from Brazil, with exclusive WorldWide delivery! Our bikinis are made using higher DuPONT quality assu-
red, and our Lycra Spandex is produced by the best brands from Brazil. Enjoy our brazilian bikinis and swimwear! One piece exclusive collection! Bikinis Brazil
One Piece collection grace some of the  world's hottest and most cosmopolitan bodies! Wholesale purchases on Bikinis Brazil also is very simple, easy and fast:
Just add your swimsuits to our shopping cart in the sizes, styles and  QTY that you wish. Our system will calculate an automatic wholesale bikinis price discount,
according  to our  quantity  bands. No ID´s, login  or accounts  will be necessary: our system  will open your account and order history  page when the swimwear
checkout area have been accessed.